About Us

At Chadorkart, we are more than just a brand that sells Mekhla Chador. We are a reflection of the rich heritage of Assam. The name "Chadorkart” is derived from the Assamese word "Chador," which symbolizes grace, femininity, and tradition - qualities that are inherent.

S Kiran’s is a brand of Chadorkart, established since 2015. We take pride in offering a range of exquisite Mekhla Chador to our customers. We were featured in Amazon's anniversary brand highlights, which were showcased all over India.

Our focus is on providing beautiful and versatile garments that our customers can wear with pride and confidence. The history of Mekhla Chador is steeped in tradition and heritage, with its origins dating back to the Ahom dynasty. This elegant garment is known for its unique draping styles, which vary depending on the occasion and the community that wears it. The intricate designs and patterns of Mekhla Chador reflect the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the region, making it a truly unique and timeless garment.

Our customer reviews mention the comfort, quality, and affordability of our Mekhla Chador, making them the perfect choice for any occasion. It is not just a regional garment but has a global appeal and relevance in contemporary and sustainable fashion.

At Chadorkart, we take pride in empowering women through our collection of Mekhla Chador. It allows them to embrace their culture and express themselves through this beautiful garment. We believe that Mekhla Chador is not just a garment; it is a way of life and a reflection of one's identity.

Join us in our mission to promote the beauty and significance of Mekhla Chador to the world. 

Experience the elegance and grace of this timeless garment and embrace it with pride.