Copper Guna Chiku Mix Set Mekhela Sador - Red Mina


Color: Chiku

পৰৱৰ্তীত অৰ্ডাৰ কৰক [ঘণ্টা] উচ্চ অগ্ৰাধিকাৰত ডেলিভাৰী পাবলৈ।

A Copper Guna Chiku Mix Set Mekhla Chador - Barfi All Over

Featuring copper guna premium poly fabric, this traditional Mekhela Sador set is sure to make a statement. Masterfully crafted with red mina and king khap aachal with barfi all over, each piece is truly one of a kind.

Stitched Chador with Tassel(Dohi)2.75 Meters Machine-Weaving Premium Poly

Stitched Mekhla1.75 Meters Machine-Weaving Premium Poly

Unstitched Blouse Piece: 0.75 Meters Premium Poly With Weaved Lace

Package Contents1 Sador, 1 Mekhela & 1 Blouse

Wash CareDry Clean

Premium Poly is a high-quality polyester fabric. It is one of the most popular choices due to its softness, lightness, strength, & versatility. It also offers unparalleled comfort & an amazing feel. It has no silk yarn and is made of 100% polyester.

লক্ষ্য কৰক: স্ক্ৰীণৰ উজ্জ্বলতাৰ বাবে ছবিখনে মোক ছবিখনৰ পৰা অতি সামান্য ৰং দিছে।